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Our Process

Whether you’re starting from a blank slate with more questions than answers, or you already have a specific and meaningful idea in mind, we’ll be there to work with you and bring to life the perfect piece just for you.


Design & Plan

Initial Consultation & Design
Time estimate: 1-3 weeks

  • Our initial consultation comes at no cost to you. We’ll discuss your ideas in depth, and you’ll receive simple sketch mock-ups to make sure we’re on the same page with the direction for your design. 

  • This may take place over several emails, calls, or meetings as needed.


  • Once we agree to work together, we’ll sign a contract and dive into bringing your ring to life. 

Reviewing work on a notepad.

Watch it Evolve​

3D Modeling / Fabrication
Time estimate: 3-6 weeks

  • With the direction for your ring decided, our next step is to bring your design to life. At this stage, we'll determine whether your ring will be digitally designed or entirely hand fabricated.

  • We’ll work back and forth with you until you’re happy with your final design, and send you 3D renderings if we’re designing digitally.


  • Once you’ve reviewed and approved your ring, it’s time for us to begin production!

Clean-up & Stone Setting
Time estimate: 1-2 weeks
  • Our skilled artisans will then continue to hand-craft your piece with meticulous attention to detail — carefully cleaning and perfecting the cast, expertly setting any stones, and finishing your ring to the specifications discussed during our process. 

  • We’ll make sure to send pictures along the way to keep you updated on our progress. 


Jeweler working at the bench.

From CAD to IRL

What to expect from our digital design process
Sketch of a leaf bypass ring.

A 2D mockup to begin bringing your vision to life.

CAD rendering of a yellow gold bypass ring with leaf settings.

2D becomes 3D and we get a better understanding of how your piece will look.

Yellow gold bypass ring with a salt and pepper diamond resting in a sea shell.

The real deal. Your vision becomes a tangible, solid piece of jewelry.


Wear it Forever

Completion & Delivery
Time estimate: 3-5 business days

  • Your ring is finally complete! We’ll send you photos and video so you can ogle at your new treasure before it’s even in your hands. 

  • To get your ring to you, we can arrange for local pick-up or send it, tracked and insured, in the mail, straight to your doorstep. Our packaging is discrete and we’re happy to discuss specific requests for delivery.  

Lasting a Lifetime & Beyond
Time estimate: forever
  • You can take pride in knowing that the custom piece you hold has been created with the highest level of craftsmanship and dedication. Our collaborative effort will result in a wearable piece of art that carries your unique story. 

  • Whether it’s an heirloom piece to pass down through generations or a cherished gift for a loved one, your new ring will be a one-of-a-kind treasure that can be cherished for a lifetime and beyond. 


Floral bypass ring with a seafoam green tourmaline on a hand.


Please note that we have a $2000 minimum for any project. Materials, complexity, and a number of other factors can impact the cost of your ring. We will discuss cost estimates at our initial consultation and are happy to work with you to determine what’s possible within your budget, and discuss payment schedules and options. 

Time Estimate
Amount Due
Initial Consultation & Design
1-3 weeks
$0 for initial consultation, $500 nonrefundable deposit upon agreeing to work together
3D Modeling / Fabrication
3-6 Weeks
Production deposit upon agreeing on final design
Clean-up & Stone Setting
1-2 Weeks
Completion & Delivery
Delivery timeframe: 3-5 business days
Remainder balance due upon completion of ring
Lasting a lifetime & beyond

Ready to get started?

Let’s make your dreams a reality.

Reach out and tell us how we can be a part of your love story. 

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